Things To Do

Please read the News Update And Context page for further ideas and any ways you could be involved on a personal basis.  Come along to one of our monthly meetings to discuss any ideas you have.   

Before sending a personalised address to any contact email addresses given, remember to include your name and address and other contact details because this is important when addressing politicians & public servants.

Now the Scottish Parliament Elections of 2016 and the UK EU Referendum are over, there is a new constituency MSP, Willie Rennie and seven list MSPs for Mid-Scotland and Fife.

If you want to contact any of these to encourage them to support in effective and meaningful ways the campaign to reopen the station at Newburgh please do so.  One of these ways is to get them to press for a full transport appraisal for Newburgh and its area so we all know where we stand as to our access to public transport and connectivity.  The appraisal deals with all transport issues affecting an area including, buses, trains, roads, pedestrian and cycle paths.  It will be a good opportunity for Newburgh if this is done and the more local people who lend their support to getting this and ensuring it is fairly done, the better.  So, writing to your constituency MSPs would be useful.  There’s no time like now.


Newburgh’s councillors who represent our ward on Fife Council and who you may also like to contact about the campaign are:

Fife Council is broadly supportive of the campaign to reopen the station and to get a transport appraisal done but there is no harm keeping everyone concerned on their toes!