Meetings & Working Group

Newburgh Train Station Group (NTSG) is a fully constituted community group. Meetings normally take place on a Monday. The usual venue is the Tayside Institute and Community Centre in Newburgh.


Date of Next Meeting:

Monday 18th September 2023,

7- 8.30pm at the Tayside Institute and Community Centre

a special meeting and AGM will be held to reboot the campaign group management committee.

We need more support from members of the communities of both Newburgh and Abernethy – both to lobby local MSPs and councillors, and to contribute to our discussions, planning and fundraising.

Please read the News Update And Context page and go to the Things To Do page for ideas and any ways you could contribute on a personal basis.  When sending a personalised message to any contact email addresses given, remember to include your name and address and other contact details. This is important when addressing politicians and public servants.