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Please read the News Update And Context page for further ideas and any ways you could be involved on a personal basis.  Come along to one of our monthly meetings to discuss any ideas you have.   

Before sending a personalised address to any contact email addresses given, remember to include your name and address and other contact details because this is important when addressing politicians & public servants.

MAY 2023

Greetings to all supporters.

Although there is no more news to report on the transport appraisal at the moment, the campaign has been in discussion with Mark Ruskell and Willie Rennie MSPs who are now joining forces to help get across to the government just how important the station would be for Newburgh.
On Monday 12th June at 7.30pm at the Lindores Distillery there will be a meeting for everyone interested in supporting the new push for the station.  Please join us, bring others and bring your ideas for publicity.
Already, the campaign has been in discussions with the Primary school and the Four Sticks Gallery in the High Street and floated the idea of a Post Card From Newburgh with a short message for the minister for transport - in reality this would be many many postcards, many images and many various messages.  It would be great to have people help make this a reality with designing and printing.

But you may have lots of other ideas too.

The campaign has gone really well so far and we are confident we can win the support of ministers to invest in our community but we need your help to persuade them.

Please join us on the 12th.

March 2021

The third and final stage of the Newburgh Transport Appraisal study, the ‘Detailed Appraisal’ is currently under way. This will see the interventions being assessed in greater detail against the STAG criteria of Environment, Economy, Safety, Integration and Accessibility/Social Inclusion. The appraisal will also consider the options in the context of Cost to Government and Risk and Uncertainty.

To view the proposals that are being assessed as part of the Detailed Appraisal, please visit the Proposals page and add your feedback and comments.

May 2020

We would like to invite you to put forward your views on the potential transport interventions for Newburgh. To do so, please complete a short on-line survey, available at 

Please feel free to share the link to the survey to assist others, who may wish to give their feedback.

The survey will close on 31 May 2020. We are looking forward to hearing your views.


Excellent response to Newburgh transport surveys. 77 paper surveys complete and 630 online surveys. This represents just over 24% of the population.
And brilliant written responses giving a positive mosaic of voices, saying in their different ways the same thing – better buses and give us a station! That’s real evidence.
Online survey finishes on the 28th February. Well done Newburgh! A last burst to surpass expectations, go on, go on!


Please take a few minutes to complete this short survey.  This survey will help us collate statistics relating to any transport issues the residents of Newburgh face, and any suggested improvements.  The survey is part of the Newburgh Train Station Campaign STAG Pre-Appraisal Transport Study Consultation and is a Transport Survey for Newburgh and District Residents in the KY14 6 Postcode Area.  We would appreciate as many survey returns as possible from all members of your household.   Also, ask neighbours, family and friends to respond as well.  Thank you, we would appreciate as many responses from the area as possible.

Newburgh Train Station Group’s STAG pre-appraisal Transport Study of the Newburgh area has begun a residents transport survey as part of the consultation process which is an integral part of the study.  If you are a resident and you want to fill a survey out on paper or make a copy for somebody with no internet access, please download a copy of the Survey  here.  Paper surveys can be returned to the Tayside Institute and Community Centre, High Street, Newburgh, c/o the Newburgh Train Station Group.  Please print off copies to hand to family, friends and neighbours.  A cross section of all ages is important as well as a good numerical response.  Thank you.

Paper copies can also be found in the entrance at the office reception window of the TICC.
Paper copies have also been circulated, firstly at the coffee morning and most recently at the drop-in session at the TICC and at the recent Newburgh Community Council meeting.
Supporters and well-wishers of the campaign are encouraged to take copies (and make more!) for wider distribution, especially to people without computers and internet access.
The campaign relies on volunteers from the community and welcomes extra support.
The survey is a crucial part of the campaign work at this moment in time and a good solid return from people in Newburgh and area will be an important factor.
So, please, to all all supporters, well-wishers and likers, help distribute this survey as widely as possible throughout our community.
Do this with paper copies and also by urging others in the locality through social media, particularly Newburgh Now, Newburgh Then.  
Thank you all so much for your interest, support and any extra effort you can make.

Now the Scottish Parliament Elections of 2016 and the UK EU Referendum are over, there is a new constituency MSP, Willie Rennie and seven list MSPs for Mid-Scotland and Fife.

If you want to contact any of these to encourage them to support in effective and meaningful ways the campaign to reopen the station at Newburgh please do so.  One of these ways is to get them to press for a full transport appraisal for Newburgh and its area so we all know where we stand as to our access to public transport and connectivity.  The appraisal deals with all transport issues affecting an area including, buses, trains, roads, pedestrian and cycle paths.  It will be a good opportunity for Newburgh if this is done and the more local people who lend their support to getting this and ensuring it is fairly done, the better.  So, writing to your constituency MSPs would be useful.  There’s no time like now.

Newburgh’s councillors who represent our ward on Fife Council and who you may also like to contact about the campaign are:

Fife Council is broadly supportive of the campaign to reopen the station and to get a transport appraisal done but there is no harm keeping everyone concerned on their toes!